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Delivering powerful, media-rich websites & custom marketing solutions

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Customized Website​


Looking to create a website for your new or existing business? Seeking to make your presence known online? It all starts with a website that is properly designed to fit with your business model. Using 3rd party media-rich website editor software, let OMS design your company's website using videos, images and animation that will keep a visitor intrigued and curious to explore the rest of your website, increasing your overall conversion rates in the process. Want to accept orders online for your restaurant or retail business? Let OMS get you set up with an e-commerce website directly, with no 3rd party involved. 

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages, aka Sales Pages are created with the intention of showcasing a conference, product or service offered. Its sole purpose is to drive growth to your business and deliver successful conversions from it. Its also used as a selling tool, think of it as a modern day digital "brochure" allowing you to be able to share what it is that your business offers via text message, email or social media with the simple share of a link. 

Email Marketing Services

Do you have a message you would like to share via email to your business contacts? Have a special promotion, newsletter, product or an upcoming event and you need to promote it to your audience? Allow us to build rich, vibrant emails delivered to your email subscriber base that will convey a message to those who have opted-in to receive exclusive member-only emails from your brand. From themed emails to special discounts for subscribers-only emails, know that your audience will never miss a beat with our email marketing services. ​

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SEO Services & Tracking

Do you want to be found online through the use of a keyword or phrase related to your business? We can make this happen so when potential clients are looking for products/services that your business offers, your website will appear in the 1st page search results. Wanna make sure your sales page or email marketing campaign is working for you? We run A/B tests on your sales pages and emails opened by your subscriber base to learn more in depth information like what link is being most clicked on, what is the percentage of open email rates, what time are your emails being opened the most and what emails or sales pages are converting into the most sales conversions? We can let you know this information and more so you can make more informed decisions for your business and budget.​

Social Media Development

Our social media campaigns are designed to provide an immediate internet presence for your business using your existing accounts already in place, or creating new ones. We start our campaigns by sorting through your existing connections and recommending new, proven methods to optimize and further grow your social media presence online. We will list and grow your business's audience across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube with up to date content, photos, videos and special "social media only" promotions. 

Video Editing Services

Are you trying to put together different clips of a video to tell a story about your business? Teach how to cook via video recipe book? Develop your artist or brand image? Create a web series? We can help you make new and trending videos that will help gain further exposure for your business while putting a personalized feel to your brand. ​

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