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Small Business Advertising

Grow Your Business Online Effectively

If you're a small business owner looking for an affordable advertising solution for your small business, look no further.


Ortiz Marketing Services offers the best in website design services, landing page services, email marketing services, advertising flyers and social media development services across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube.

digital based marketing

We specialize in ensuring that your small business gets noticed online using a variety of different methods including SEO and social media marketing techniques. All of our clients websites are also designed to be both responsive to desktop & mobile screens, ensuring your audience is reached across multiple devices sharing what products or services your business offers. 


Whether you own a small restaurant, retail store, cleaning company, ice cream shop, coffee shop, church, etc., OMS can help you deliver the exceptional results you are looking for from your business. Let us be the first to welcome you to the fun, fast paced world of Digital Advertising! 



We can't wait to help you advertise and market your business digitally online. Please call us directly at (201) 736-4041 or email us directly at to set up a free consultation today. 

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Website Design

Design your website the way you like it, full and rich with images, videos, animations, and accept orders & reservations online. The level of customization is unrivaled and we guarantee you will be able to find your business website using Google and other 3rd party search engines by including relevant keywords or phrases most related to your business with your website. 

Landing Pages

Similar to websites, except built with the intention of getting a customer's information. Info like their Name, Email Address and/or Phone Numbers are typically asked for in return for a discount for a product/service offered, opting the client in to your subscriber list in the process, allowing us to continue further engagement with the client using email marketing or text message campaigns. 

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Email Marketing

Have a message you need conveyed to your dedicated email subscriber list? Use our email marketing services to promote awareness of your products/services for an upcoming promotion, event or sale you are having. Spread the word quickly and efficiently to your loyal audience and communicate your message directly to the people that want to hear from your business. 

Social Media Services

Advertise your business effectively to the masses using our social media services. We reach your next customers and eventually create an organic following of loyal Followers by actively understanding your business's target market and implementing behavioral targeting methods to share your service/products online for the world to see. Target by Age, Gender, Interests, Geographic area, Roles, etc. across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube. 

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