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Our Mission? Help The Small Business Owner Succeed Online

Ortiz Marketing Services was created with the intention of helping out the average local small business owner with their business by assisting them with the transition between "traditional advertising" and "digital advertising." Far too many businesses are open today that simply do not know how to harness the true power of the internet and just how digital marketing can really make a difference in their day-to-day business dealings. Anyone who has a business needs a digital online presence immediately. Having one allows your business to be found not just locally, but globally across the world. 

We make it known that our mission is to help the small business owner succeed online. We do this by providing a package of digital marketing essentials such as creating a business website that is both desktop and mobile optimized, allowing your business to reach a much wider audience across multiple electronic devices that everyone uses today. (You're most likely reading this information from one of those devices!)

We currently offer website design (both desktop & mobile), landing page services, email marketing services, SEO services to ensure your business is found online when someone is searching on Google locally for a particular product or service that you may offer (have your business listing appear to get that sale first over your competitors), marketing flyers to advertise the business locally and social media development to create and attract the right kind of attention for your business and tell a story with videos, photos and other content related to your business, all publicly available online for the world to see, keeping your audience engaged.

Need to accept orders online? Check. Want to accept reservations for your restaurant? Check. Want to communicate a particular message or a sale to your customers? We have that too. Give Ortiz Marketing Services a call today at (201) 736-4041 or email us at to set up a consultation and see just how we can help your business successfully navigate the online world today. 

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